Expert Tree Planting & Installation in CT

Expert Tree Planting & Installation in CT

The trees and shrubs we plant now have the potential to outlive us. It is important to practice proper care and maintenance, starting from the time they are planted, so that generations to come may enjoy safe and healthy trees. Whether you're seeking a replacement or adding to a landscape, consult with Schmitt Tree Service & Landscaping to find the right tree for your location and ensure that it's planted correctly.

The arboriculture industry generally holds that the best way to care for tree injuries is to prevent them from happening at all. Proper selection, placement and planting are three of the most important factors to consider when planning and installing a new tree.

Choosing non-native trees or a site with improper soil conditions or inadequate space for root and crown growth can lead to the premature death of a newly planted tree or shrub, which can be costly to a home or business owner.

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