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Affordable Tree Removal Services in CT

Maintaining trees on your property is important for aesthetics and safety. Dead or diseased trees can cause costly damage to home and livelihood, and if not removed, can become a liability for you -- and your Connecticut neighbors.

Schmitt Tree Service & Landscapings’ fully licensed and insured CT tree removal services are available for any size tree on any kind of property, personal or commercial. From old growth trees or small saplings, we can remove any tree in its entirety, and we also offer stump-grinding to complete the service. In addition to removing trees and wood, we clean and haul out leftover debris.

With considerable advances in technology and equipment in rigging and large tree removal, Schmitt Tree Service & Landscapings can perform safe tree cutting, removals, and thorough cleanup of debris without greatly impacting surrounding areas.

Why Do I Need To Remove My Tree

Many conditions increase the likelihood that all or part of a tree will fail, and that failure often leads to property damage and/or personal injury in both urban and suburban settings.

Inspecting mature trees periodically for hidden decay, structural weaknesses and diseases can extend their lives and can help mitigate the risk of failure of trees or branches. Falling trees and branches can cause serious injury to people and extensive damage to property. It takes a trained and experienced professional to inspect a tree and conduct required testing -- and to interpret the results accurately.

If you suspect a tree on your property could pose a danger, contact Schmitt Tree Service & Landscaping. We will evaluate the tree and location to determine the safest way to remove it.

What Is Needed To Remove A Tree?

Tree removal often depends on the laws of the municipality. Some Connecticut towns and cities have bylaws that require permission to remove trees of a certain type or size, as they could be protected species.

Most Connecticut municipalities, however, make exceptions for dead, dying, or imminently hazardous trees. If you are unsure whether you need a permit to remove the tree on your property, Schmitt Tree Service & Landscaping can make inquiries and obtain necessary permits and documents.

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